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FIFA World Cup 2018 Live has more than 600,000 readers and 7,000 average readers daily. It started as a live stream domain and is now one of the biggest blogs in England. The blog made use of online resources and assets to establish itself not only in the blog world but also in the sports world.

Email Marketing

Blog Resources email - Blog Resources

In the initial years of the blog, we nearly had 2,500 readers. Mark Clark, the owner of the blog decided to take the blog straight to people and so that is what they did through an email campaign.

To gain more readers, Mark expanded the team and hired a marketing specialist and a web developer to start email marketing. With a contact database, we sent hundreds of email campaigns daily getting people to engage in our blog. Back then, we limited our email campaigns to at least 2,000 per week.

Now, we send our emails to more than 50,000 people every week. We record new subscriptions daily.

Social Media Platform

Blog Resources social - Blog Resources

Our first-ever social media account was our Facebook page. We incorporated most of our operation on this platform to expand our reach and get better engagement. Every new post and the latest update was manually posted on our Facebook page.

We garnered more than 6,000 likes in our first month. It also became easier for us to reach people with concerns and ideas to share. Social media is pivotal to our blog operation since most of our readers get updates through there.

After half a year on Facebook, we decided to expand to Twitter and Instagram. Our marketing team was able to come up with content ideas. Instagram is a viable marketing asset for us today. We share photos taken during the 2018 FIFA World Cup by people from all over the world. Each photo with an amazing story behind it.

Combined, all our social media accounts have more than 3 million followers.


We are also active in advertising for several sports businesses and stores in London. We provide advertising services at competitive rates to help small businesses better position themselves and reach a larger audience.

We advertise on our blog entries, email marketing, and social media platforms. If you want to learn more about our advertising sources, contact us today.