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The 2018 FIFA World Cup was one for the history books. It was a league where millions of hearts were shattered but more than 60 million hearts rejoiced. That is after France took home the world cup.

Meet Mark

Mark Clark, a computer training specialist from southwest London, England is one of the biggest fans of the league, if not the biggest. You can ask him anything about FIFA World Cup since 1930 and he can give you the right answers.

The 2018 World Cup was the most memorable one for Mark. He was able to host a free-to-watch live stream of several games. He offered the free stream service to thousands of people in London.

Mark was of course among those broken-hearted. England made it to the semi-finals but they were defeated by Croatia 2-1. In the third-place play-off, England suffered yet another loss against Belgium 2-0. However, the England national team still made their countrymen proud.

Mark continued to provide the live stream for the final game between France and Croatia. France took it with a 4-2 victory.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Blog

After the 2018 World Cup, the live stream website was converted into a personal blog that would talk about all the highlights of the league. To this date, it is one of the most visited football blogs in England.

The inspiration behind the blog was to allow people who witnessed the World Cup to share their own stories. The blog has become a haven for football fans all over the globe. Many of them shared some of their memorable memories during the 2018 World Cup.

Some talk about sneaking out of work just to watch it live at home while others share how their parents cried after their national team lost.

The blog is not just about the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it is about millions of people who have been avid fans and supporters of the league for many years. This is a community for long-time fans as well as people who are just starting to fall in love with the game.

The blog is made up of Mark with a team of writers, sports analysts, graphic designers, and web developers. We have more than 600,000 readers from all over England and nearby countries.